Body Slam: The Election

It's the day after a special election which, as usual, provides an opportunity to make fun of the Democrats' inability to win any elections ever. Leaving aside the seriousness of elections, it's always funny the way Democrats seem to lose over and over while acting as if they're always moments away from complete ascendancy. The … Continue reading Body Slam: The Election


The Real Costs of Impeachment

I don't have much to say about this but I want to highlight a must-read article from The Washington Post on the subject of impeaching President Trump. I'll let the article itself do the talking about why you should read it: How would removing Trump from office affect U.S. democracy? Would it be an exemplary … Continue reading The Real Costs of Impeachment

Dead or Alive, You’re Coming With Me

Depending on your perspective, CNet has what's either a charming or horrifying story on Dubai's rollout of robotic policemen: The Robocop is a customised service robot from Pal Robotics that will be posted in malls and tourist attractions, and people can use the touchscreen embedded in its chest to report crime, pay fines and get … Continue reading Dead or Alive, You’re Coming With Me

Fighting an Enemy We Don’t Understand

When I talk about our goal of writing about things that other people are discussing, but are discussing in the wrong way, one of the subjects that jumps to mind is ISIS. This article on Politico is a step in the right direction, looking at our ISIS response from an Israeli point of view. Essentially, we … Continue reading Fighting an Enemy We Don’t Understand

Self-Driving Cars: Closer Than You Think

Here's a Tech Crunch article on Toyota using the same technology that powers Bitcoin to make smarter cars. What does that mean? “Hundreds of billions of miles of human driving data may be needed to develop safe and reliable autonomous vehicles,” said Chris Ballinger, director of mobility services and chief financial officer at Toyota’s research … Continue reading Self-Driving Cars: Closer Than You Think

Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

What's the 21st Century solution to our global security problems? You guessed it, the cause of all our 20th Century global security problems. But this year, far from the headlines, Germany and two of its European allies, the Czech Republic and Romania, quietly took a radical step down a path toward something that looks like … Continue reading Guess Who’s Back, Back Again

2018 Republican Primaries Already Depressing Us All

This is an excellent article on OZY about five 2018 primaries that will give us an idea of how the Trump Effect is playing inside the Republican Party. Most of the coverage of 2018 is coming from a Democratic perspective, simply because as the party that's gotten its head caved in the last two elections, … Continue reading 2018 Republican Primaries Already Depressing Us All